AlpInn opens the door...

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but for a week. AlpInn is a splendid example of what can happen when means, taste & international experience unite to build an all year around home. All our guests concur: A warm and luninous chalet for perfecxt vacations.

Rate will vary from summer low-season to winter high-season between 4000 & 15,000 Euros per week (normally from Saturday to Saturday) for a fully catered chalet.

  • Minimum rental is one week for the entire house.

  • Maximum number of occupants is 14 people.

  • Terms of deposit, caution and payment are to be arranged at the moment of reservation.

  • We are at your service daily, if needed, for housekeeping.

  • We will tell you how to operate the sound system, the TV system, the sauna and everything else.

  • At your arrival, the refrigerator should be full of essentials. like milk, yogurts, fruits, juice, drinks, champagne, cheese platter, bread (also delivered fresh every morning with "croissants and viennoiseries" alike) without any consideartion for your diet!